Fuel Filter Service

Keeping up to date the maintenance of our car is essential if we want to avoid breakdowns in the future. Saving in this aspect is expensive. The preventive maintenance of our car is the one that tries to prevent breakdowns and the most common operations are the oil change, the replacement of the spark plugs or change the various filters of the car, from the engine air to the passenger compartment, through the gasoline filter.

The function of the fuel filter is as simple as it is important: to prevent impurities from reaching the fuel supply system. Gasoline, as a rule, causes less impurities than diesel, but that does not mean that a gasoline engine can do without a filter in its fuel system. Impurities can damage the injectors or prevent them from fulfilling their purpose correctly and, therefore, the operation of the engine would not be correct.

Heritage Paintan and Body's Fuel Filter Service Includes:

  • Removal of old fuel filter
  • Installing a new quality fuel filter
  • Inspection for leaks after installation