Brake Service

The installation of brake pads is a preventive maintenance of great importance for family safety, without these elements it would be almost impossible to stop the car. In the brake service, the brake pads are changed (as appropriate to the vehicle). The discs or drums (Rear Brakes) are rectified, the whole brake system is checked and everything is installed again.

What happens if I do not check or change the brakes as soon as possible?

If you do not replace these elements and check that the whole system is in optimal conditions, the result can be fatal, your car will not be able to stop in urgent situations. It is a matter of great importance for your safety and that of your family.

How to detect that my brakes are no longer useful?

The symptoms of when this service is required are easy to notice, because the vehicle simply does not brake correctly, there are squeaks, the steering wheel vibrates when braking, the hand brake goes too high, or the brake pedal feels loose or without pressure .



In this service there is a 30-day guarantee on products and services, it is recommended not to make abrupt stops the first 185 miles, so that there is no crystallization in the disc or drum 
Benefits for the client and the car to do that service as soon as possible.
The replacement of these elements and a continuous review, guarantees the power to stop your car at critical moments and prevent accidents.